Ultrasound Technician Salary

The Ultrasound technician salary depends upon many issues. For instance, education and training experience, the area in which you specialize, age and even where you live, can all have a bearing on what you can expect to earn.

A well qualified ultrasound technician’s salary is amongst the highest within the health care industry, but experience and education will play a large part in determining how much you can expect to earn.

A doctor’s diagnosis depends upon the clear images obtained by a sonographer, and plays an important part in the physician’s conclusions as to treatment. Ultrasound technicians are therefore highly regarded, and by continuing to attend classes in order to keep up with all the latest technology, they can demand a high salary.

People who work in general medical and surgical hospitals can earn upwards of $60,000 a year. Technicians working in laboratories can earn $61,000 a year. However, if you’re looking to earn a higher salary, working for companies who liaise with employment services it’s possible to earn upwards of $68,000 a year.

Colleges, universities and professional schools all offer a wage of around $66,250 a year, so it’s possible to acquire a position in any of these areas and earn a good income.

A starting salary for ultrasound technician is normally around $40,000 a year. This will depend upon their qualifications, experience and abilities. As you develop your skills in using the equipment, helping with the diagnosis and dealing with patients, your salary will rise.

Ultrasound Technician SalaryThere’s no doubt that the ever increasing demand for ultrasound technicians means that it’s possible to earn a good salary whilst carrying out rewarding work. Indeed the highest salaries in this field can reach over $85,000 a year, which makes all the hard work in attaining that degree of competence well worthwhile.

It’s thought that due to the ever growing aging population the demand for the ultrasound technician will rise considerably over the next few years. Diagnosis imaging will be in demand by physicians and therefore salaries will increase.

The flexibility for a technician is another bonus as they can work part time or full time and have different shifts at many different types of health care facilities.

The average salary for ultrasound technician compares favorably with other opportunities within the medical profession. The average salary becomes extremely competitive within the industry, and the high salaries are certainly achievable by the dedicated technician.

As with any profession, the amount you earn is dependent upon how much effort you’re prepared to put into your initial education. A student with a good background education will easily earn a place in an accredited school for ultrasound technicians. This is the first step to becoming qualified and being in a good position to earn a salary comparable to the above figures.

Ultrasound technician salary, although dependent upon certain factors, is in the main very competitive, and those who qualify can expect to earn a good wage from the beginning of their career. Although this is not always a priority, it’s certainly a bonus.

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